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This is an index of everything I know.
from Japan in 2018

Why would I do this?

The number of times I've googled a question and found my own blog post, or forum thread or tweet from years ago describing that same problem (and sometimes an answer to myself) is shockingly high. The internet never forgets, but we do. Wouldn't it be interesting to have an off-brain version backup of everything we knew? Exactly, me too.
Also, I've been blogging and writing for years and years and it seems a shame that it's all very linear and disparate - it'd be nice if I could contain it all in one central place and simply use the magic of hyperlinks to make sense of everything.

Who is this for?

Primarily, me. Let's be honest. There will be things that are internally referenced to other parts of my own brain and I've somehow left the hyperlink trail cold for you, a random person reading this information. In advance: I'm sorry. But! Since this happens more than I'd like to admit, sometimes it's handy to have pre-recorded versions of advice or comments that you're going to tell to people and you can just link to them instead. So there's also that. It's not explicitly a tutorial or self-help or even particularly interesting index, but I hope that it being public does more good than harm, so it seems worth doing.

General disclaimer:

Everything here is subject to change. I am not obligated to be the same person, nor hold the same opinions as I did five minutes ago.
Unfortunately, in addition to opinions which are subjective, I might also be wrong about facts themselves - that's a real tragedy because we try our best to be knowledgeable and correct. But, it happens. I either know things wrong, or I've written them wrong, or you're reading them wrong. On the whole I'm not super concerned about it, but maybe tell me about the super egregious things.
This index will be outdated the second I hit 'save' on any given subject at any given time.
This index will be perpetually incomplete, until they invent a truly encompassing brain-dump method that isn't a written keyboard interface thing.
This index will contain snippets that mean to go somewhere and don't because I forgot to, didn't have the gumption to, or simply don't yet have an answer to; they're dots awaiting connections. Our goal in life is to collect the dots and connect the dots but we can't do both at the same time. A wiki tries to make a history of both those processes. Some of these opinions are bad for reasons of honesty, naivete, lack of understanding or lack of context. There aren't any content warnings, there shouldn't be much in the way of that stuff anyway, and on the whole I'm a 'strong opinions weakly held' sort of dot-collector - there's a lot of stuff I'll come around on, be able to further connect or otherwise gain insight / empathy for that will just make old stuff sort of cringey, that's what growing and learning is.
Stuff will be cringey. Oh well.

Let's go!

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